MP srl

The best solution and the most innovative technologies.

MP srl | Gli inizi

The beginnings

MP s.r.l. was born in 1981 to study, develop and produce parts and accessories of textiles machines. Few years later, in 1990, we introduced ourselves in thread finishing machines field, by producing our first bonding machine for sewing threads.

The evolution

During these years, our production range has always improved, including other finishing machines, but keeping the firm intention to produce high capacity machines, with good quality and reliability. Recently, research and development has opened up new production horizons in cords and ropes finishing field.

MP srl | L'evoluzione

For any further information on our production, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Why choose Us

Will be glad to help you in the most accurate way.

Alta personalizzazione

Per qualsiasi processo di lavoro, il nostro scopo principale è quello di adattare la nostra macchina alle esigenze specifiche del cliente, trovando la soluzione migliore e le tecnologie più innovative.

Test prima della consegna

Ogni macchina che produciamo viene testata per una settimana nel nostro stabilimento, prima di essere consegnata al cliente, che verificherà la macchina e inizierà con i primi test di produzione e campioni.

Assistenza post-vendita

Seguiamo attentamente ogni cliente, dalla ricerca della migliore scelta per le sue esigenze produttive, ad un accurato servizio post-vendita, senza dimenticare l’addestramento del personale e l’assistenza ai test di produzione.

High customization

For any working process, our main purpose is to fit our machine to customer’s specific need, finding the best solution and the most innovative technologies.

Test before delivery

Each machine we produce is tested for a week at our factory, before we welcome our customer, who will verify the machine and start with our assistance and support first production tests and samples, starting in this way to familiarize to the machine, its characteristics and particularities.

Post-sales assistance

We carefully follow any customer, from finding the best choice for their production needs, to an accurate post-selling service, not forgetting staff training and production tests assistance.